Clay, David Assistant Principal
Parmer, Gail Principal

Banks, Liz 7th Grade - LIT/ELA - GIFTED
Barlow, Rebecca Connections - Chorus and Music Appreciation
Blackwell, Arlin 7th Grade Math
Brewer, Tricia 6th Grade Science
Butler, John Connections - P.E./Health
Cole, Blair 6th Grade LIT/ELA
Cooper, James 6th - 8th Grade Special Education
Covington, Stephanie 6th Grade LIT/ELA
Cuellar, Gail Gifted ELA and Literature/9th Grade Lit
DeFoor, Elizabeth 6th Grade Math
Diedrich, Tanya 6th-8th Grade Physical Science - 6th-7th Grade Social Studies - GIFTED
Estes, Becky 6th - 8th Grade - Remedial Math
Evans, Amanda 8th Grade - Social Studies & Students with Special Needs Co-Teacher for 6th Grade Math and LIT/ELA
Ford, Jazmyn 8th Grade - LIT/ELA
Funderburke, Diana 7th and 8th Grade ELA and Reading Co-Teacher/In-School Coordinator for Students with Disabilities
Glenn, Christine 6th Grade Special Education
Hill, Lance 8th Grade Georgia Studies - GIFTED
Ivey, Lori 7th Grade Science - GIFTED
Johnson, Jill 6th Grade - Social Studies
Keaton, Haley 8th Grade - LIT/ELA
Lawrence, Jody 7th Grade - Social Studies
Limbaugh, Kristin Media Specialist
Martin, Patti Connections - Band and General Music
McLeod, Jessica 8th Grade Math - GIFTED
Mount, Colleen 8th Grade - Physical Science
Scurr, Adam Art
Sharpe, Kelly 7th Grade LIT/ELA - GIFTED
Smith, Matt P.E./Health
Spain, Jennifer Counselor
Steele, Kelly 8th Grade LIT/ELA - GIFTED
Sumner, Wanda Connections - Business and Computer Science
Vineyard, Kristen 8th Grade Math

Bracknell, Jennie Special Education Paraprofessional
Cunningham, Rae Special Education Paraprofessional
Elliott, Leila ISS Coordinator/Attendance Clerk
Eubanks, Wendy Bookkeeper
Gordon, Pam Secretary/Registrar/Parent Coordinator
Jackson, Michele Social Worker
Robinson, Susan K-8 Instructional Facilitator/Virtual High School Teacher
Simpson, Carla Fast ForWord Teacher
Spain, Jennifer Counselor
Wakefield, Kim School Nurse

Carroll, Kim PTSO
Dockery, Mindy Food Service Manager
Parris, Nema PTSO
Tomblin, Sherry PTSO
Wilson, Jody Coach