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Gail Cuellar Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
6th Grade, 8th Grade


-Currently pursuing Ed.S in Instructional Technology from the University of West Georgia

-Master of Education (English / Secondary Education and Teaching) from the University of West Georgia

-Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of West Georgia

-RESA - Gifted Endorsement


-Temple Middle School, Temple, Georgia - 2012-Present

Previous Experience:

-Temple High School, Temple, Georgia 

-Cass High School, Cartersville, Georgia 

-Carrollton Junior High School, Carrollton, Georgia 


Hello. I am Mrs. Cuellar, and I teach 6th and 8th Grade English Language Arts and Literature, as well as 9th Grade Honors Literature (My name is pronounced qua-yar).  I am also the Gifted Facilitator for the school.  This is my sixth year at Temple Middle School.  Previously, I was at Temple High School.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in English with Secondary Education Certification for grades 6-12.  I also have a Master's Degree in English Education.  Currently, I am working on my Specialist's Degree in Instructional Technology. In addition, I hold a Gifted Endorsement and Special Education Certification.

I have been married for twenty-seven years, and we have three children. My husband, Dr. Cuellar, works for the Douglas County School System. Chance is our oldest son.  He is twenty-six years old and is a graduate of Valdosta State University.  He is currently in his last year of law school at the University of South Carolina and is currently working for the House of Representatives.  Chynna is our only daughter.  She is twenty years old and is attending the University of West Georgia, majoring in Early Childhood Education.  Cruz is our youngest.  He is sixteen, in eleventh grade this year, and is obsessed with debate and politics.

Teaching Philosophy


I acknowledge the struggles middle school students face, and I embrace the challenge as a teacher and mentor to support them in their efforts to grow and learn. This age group never ceases to captivate my interest, and it is my intention to use Language Arts as a tool to stimulate their interest in learning.


 It is my belief that the drive and motivation of the teacher is mirrored by the students. To look upon a classroom full of disengaged students would mean that I, as a teacher, was falling short of my obligations. My teaching philosophy is based on the assertion that this will absolutely not take place in my classroom.


Students must be consistently captivated by the learning environment in order to take away the knowledge and skill that we wish for them. If they have no interest in what is being presented to them their minds will begin to wander away from academics and we, as educators, will have lost our purpose.


Language Arts sets a terrific platform for utilizing technology, whether it be integrating film into literature or organizing mock performances in order to translate a text into a language that this generation can relate to. There are always creative ways to bring students’ attention to literature by integrating current events and the world they understand into a text that otherwise might be discarded as “out of date.”  The beauty of utilizing this sort of teaching style is the opportunity one has to be creative and fresh.