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Tiger Prides Information

Tiger Prides

Each student and teacher at TMS will be assigned to one of 3 "Tiger Prides". Students will be assigned to the pride associated with their APTT teacher. This will also be their Reading Counts teacher who they will report to daily upon arrival at school. There will be two class groups in each Pride for each grade level. This is a positive behavior reinforcement effort, as well as a reward for academic excellence and citizenship. The members of each Pride earn points for their Pride by good deeds, both academic and social, awarded by the teachers during the school day and at other school activities. Students also receive points for wearing spirit wear on Thursdays and their Pride shirts (provided by the school) on Fridays. In addition to demonstrating unity as a school community, this program provides opportunities for students to work together and support one another. Friendly competitions will be held periodically with rewards offered for the winning Pride. Students who maintain "good standing" in their Prides will be eligible to participate in various fun activities throughout the school year.


There will be 3 Prides (Siberian, Bengals, Sumatran).