Temple Middle Title 1 Information
title 1 school

Title 1 Program

Carroll County Schools Title 1 Resources:

  1. Link to the Carroll County Schools Resource Page
  2. Carroll County Schools Grade Reports


Carroll County Schools Title 1 Annual Parent/Stakeholder Meeting:

Temple Middle School Title 1 Annual Meetings: 

    Temple Middle School Title 1 Input Parent/Stakeholder Meetings:

    Temple Middle School Title 1 Meetings:


    Temple Middle School Title 1 Documents - FY21:

    1. TMS LEA Report Card - GOSA
    2. Federal Complaint Procedures


    Title 1 Parent Coordinator Information for the following individuals:

    1. LEA Title 1 Parent Coordinator

    Kay Morgan, System Parent Coordinator, 770-832-3568


    1. School Title 1 Parent Coordinator

    Kristin Limbaugh TMS Parent Coordinator, 770-562-6001


    Title 1 Parent Center

    Title 1 - Parent Resource Center

    The Title 1 Parenting Resource Center is located in the Front Office. You are invited to browse the shelves at any time for updated parenting pamphlets, free/reduced lunchroom forms, school physical packets, news from the nurse, etc.

    The completed Title 1 School-Parent Compact, Title 1 Schoolwide Plan, and the Title 1 Parent Involvement Plan are all in the Parenting Resource Center as well for your viewing.

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